During the last 14 Years I have been involved developing applications and enterprise solution at large scale, also creating applications related to Mobile technologies.

Of course for Nokia and NSN mainly, but also I have been involved with many small gadgets with propetary and Open Source one of the is the first Tablet, Nokia 770.

From there on I  played with some neat of them in this section you will find some impresssions related to them, among them Nokia 770,N800,N810,N8,N9 and linksys Nslu2 for example.

I recommend to see the following vid which explains what Nokia has done for mobile technology evolution during the last decade.  


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Solution Designer Architect


The Solution Designer Architect is responsible for the design, support, planning and direction within the IT organization managers for the implementation of projects.

During the Software development it's key asset to define and take desitions end to end the application structure and implementation and technologies involved.

Gabriel Vergara Ezcurdia

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